More About Me


As a Real Estate Professional and Sales Counselor to those who wish to buy or sell a home, my job is to aid them in all facets of the process: to know the market; to stay abreast of current trends; to know comparable property prices and sales and be able to determine market value, knowing from experience what is priced right and what is not; to know appropriate professionals for financing, title, and insurance; to develop effective marketing tools and know the techniques that will best aid the sale of a particular home or neighborhood and above all to customize and personalize the process to fit each individual clients' needs and desires. Residential Real Estate is both "an art" and "a science".


Purchasing or selling a home is a major life-cycle change and not something we do every day. It should be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, made as harmonious as possible by your real estate professional. Knowing about the process in advance and being supported through it step by step is my job. As your Broker I`m responsible to you to see that all of the above happens, that you are kept informed, that your concerns are addressed, your interest is protected, your goal is met, and that you had some fun achieving it. It`s a job I love and work at, 24/7. And I still love sharing in the adventure of it all after 15 years.


Selling real estate is a natural progression for a former Housing & Community Development Planner. Mixed with art and photography, several jobs in research as a librarian, retail sales and project management in addition to family military assignments and travel and you get the "art and science" background geared to give you the most effective combination possible for a Real Estate Professional.


Love of "home" led me into Community Development & Housing Planning and later, into Real Estate sales. We grew up living with my grandparents in their pre Civil War farmhouse where falling plaster was a norm. Newspaper and wallpaper paste held wall patches until the professional could come. Then, we primed and painted with color powder paint. Home repair was not just a slogan; it was our way of life!
But it prepared me, as an Air Force wife, for endless opportunities to paint, wallpaper, make draperies and decorate. However, hanging pictures was another matter. We had to pay for every un-sanded, un-repaired nail hole left in their walls. It was its own kind of "interior decorating." Forty some houses later a Broker asked me where I learned to stage homes. It never occurred to me that staging was a special skill.
So helping people find the right home is simply second nature to me after my lifetime of practice. And helping people prepare their lives and houses to move, to pack up and relocate or purchase a local move-up home, is what I practiced for years.
Sometimes it is particularly challenging. The research necessary for Housing planning and development taught me how important is it to track trends, take polls and watch the market--much as we do regularly in Real Estate. Knowing current real estate markets, both macro and micro, is critical to having the vital information needed to share with clients, to help them make wise choices about when to buy or sell and what to price to list at or pay. It`s a wonderful job, and I love it! And I would love to help you with your next purchase or sale.